Calm Coyote founder, Kristin Thomas, began her journey as an entrepreneur when her search for the perfect moisturizer became nearly impossible.

Kristin immediately realized what she had to do: create her own skincare brand with the accessibility and formula that was missing in the marketplace. Calm Coyote’s first product, a fragrance-free ultra-hydrating moisturizer was made to treat a wide variety of skin care problems. Not only is the product made for dry and sensitive skin, but an extra layer of care is included in the packaging itself. By using an airless bottle, the moisturizing ingredients aren’t contaminated by dirty hands or bacteria, unlike many common moisturizers stored in jars or standard bottles. Kristin’s attention to detail of Calm Coyote’s ingredients and packaging shows how versatile the lotion is, which led to the inspiration of the brand name.

The coyote is adaptable. Whether it’s living in the outskirts of a city or roaming the countryside, it always finds a way to thrive. The same is true for Calm Coyote–an adaptable formula for any man or woman with sensitive to dry skin.

The mission of Calm Coyote is to create a community of more than healthier skin. Through the confidence healthy, clear skin brings you, Calm Coyote raises self-esteem and gives anyone the spirit they need to howl at the moon and conquer their next challenge.