Skin care doesn’t have to be complicated if you don’t want it to be. Calm Coyote is a brand built on delivering innovative skin care and packaging solutions for you, made of skin-loving ingredients that will effectively work and target specific concerns such as dryness Rosacea, and Eczema for long-lasting hydration.

Recently self-care has become extremely prominent and rightly so, pollution and fast paced living has sparked somewhat of a stress crisis and the skin is the first thing to suffer as a consequence. Calm Coyote is a homegrown brand from our very own American soil, our efficacious formulas are simple and safe to use, yet are high in quality and all round great for the skin!

The coyote is adaptable. Whether it’s living in the outskirts of a city or roaming the countryside, it always finds a way to thrive. The same is true for Calm Coyote–an adaptable formula for any man or woman with sensitive to dry skin.

Kristin Thomas, the founder of this fantastic brand was frustrated with
searching for an impossible moisturizer that was effective on sensitive,
or dry skin. So she formulated the perfect moisturizer, Calm Coyote’s
first product, a fragrance-free ultra-hydrating moisturizing lotion was
born, suitable for everyone that brings immediate comfort to tired, itchy
and flaky skin. Promising, fast results but with long-term balance,
Calm Coyote has done all the research for you with our transparent list
of natural ingredients designed to deliver serious results. Kristin’s
attention to detail of Calm Coyote’s ingredients and packaging shows
how versatile the lotion is, which led to the inspiration of the brand

Safe for use on sensitive skin and contains no parabens, colorants or
harsh chemicals. Better still, the antioxidant element of the
moisturising formula is the perfect synergy of high-quality botanicals
and innovative skin strengthening ingredients backed by science. To
rehydrate your skin, calm areas of discomfort, and improve the
appearance of dry, and flaky skin, also providing protection against
free radical damage. Prepare for skin that’s more hydrated, brighter,
firm and ready for all that life, can throw at it.