frequently asked questions

Are Calm Coyote products tested on animals?
No. Calm Coyote has a super strict cruelty free policy. We are proud to be cruelty-free! Calm Coyote does not use animal testing during its creation process. We love our furry friends. We do not test on any animals (except willing humans of course!) and we have adhered to cruelty free practices from
our very first product.
Do Calm Coyote products contain Parabens?
The majority of Simple products do not contain parabens. Please check the ingredient list on pack for the most up to date information. Alternatively, for more information on specific products please contact us by clicking here.
Are the fragrances in Calm Coyote products natural and safe?
Calm Coyote does not use any synthetic fragrances in its products. Our first product is a fragrance-free ultra-hydrating moisturizing lotion. Any scents are naturally derived from our ingredients.
Do Calm Coyote products contain any nasties?
Calm Coyote is proudly free of nasties and skin irritants including parabens, phthalates, petrochemicals, PEGs, mineral oils, sulphates, silicones, GMOs, and synthetic colours and fragrances.
What is the expiry of the product?
Calm Coyote products will last up to 24 months unopened from date of manufacture. On all packaging there is also an international open jar icon. This icon will show you the shelf life of the product once opened.
Are Calm Coyote products safe to use in pregnancy?
Calm Coyote products are safe for use during pregnancy. When pregnant your skin becomes more sensitive and your sense of smell can be stronger, our products are non- fragranced with no artificial perfumes or harsh chemicals.
How do you keep a product from contamination?
By using an airless bottle, the moisturizing ingredients in our products aren’t contaminated by dirty hands or bacteria, unlike many common moisturizers stored in jars or standard bottles.